Collection Management

Transform the way of collections for your lending institutions

In today’s competitive lending environment, managing loan collections is more important than ever due to the increasing number of borrowers and decreased efficiency in legacy systems.

With Ziva’s Collections Management module, financial institutions can have a comprehensive view of the loan portfolio with powerful analytics and reporting tools. The module can streamline the collections process, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions to optimize the loan portfolio performance.


Segment, prioritize, and engage with borrowers through the customer relationship dashboard

Loan Management: The ability to manage the loan application process, including credit checks, loan terms, and interest rates.

Automate and track loan repayments, including payment schedules, payment history, and payment reminders.

Manage delinquent accounts and collections, including tracking payment plans, collection efforts, and legal actions.

Report and pull credit history and credit scores to credit bureaus and other financial institutions.

Assess and manage risks associated with loans, including credit risk, operational risk, and market risk.

Generate reports and analytics related to loan portfolios, including loan performance, risk assessments, and profitability analysis.

Borrowers can pay through various channels such as PCD, ECS, mobile apps, virtual ID through affiliated banks, customized QR code in the kit, and much more

Manage customer relationships, including providing payment links on the go, managing customer complaints, and providing customer support
mZiva - Field Agent

The mobile app for the field agent/ collection officer can run an omnichannel contact center by planning the day with an in-built planner, including the meetings with borrowers, google coordinates, sending Razorpay links to borrowers who wish to repay, and more

mZiva - Customer

The mobile app for the customers/borrowers contains a myriad of features to check the loan application status, payment options, and much more


Why Choose Ziva’s Collection Management Module?


With a Collections Management Module, fintech companies can automate their collections process, reducing the burden on their staff and saving time and resources. This allows staff to focus on other critical tasks, such as customer service and underwriting, while the software handles collections.

Better Cash

The software can help fintech companies improve their cash flow by reducing the number of delinquent accounts and improving collection rates. This, in turn, helps improve the company's financial health.

Enhanced Customer

Collections Management Module can help fintech companies improve their customer experience by providing timely reminders and notifications for overdue payments, reducing the likelihood of default. This can help build trust and loyalty among customers.

Improved Risk

The software can help fintech companies manage risk by identifying potential high-risk loans, tracking borrower credit scores, and taking proactive steps to mitigate risk. This can help reduce losses and improve overall portfolio performance.

Powerful Analytics
and Reporting

Collections Management Module provides analytics and reporting tools that fintech companies can use to track key metrics like delinquency rates, charge-offs, and recovery rates. This allows companies to make informed decisions and optimize their loan portfolio performance.

Integration with Existing

Collections Management Module can integrate seamlessly with existing lending systems, making it easy to get up and running quickly. This reduces implementation time and helps companies realize the benefits of the software more quickly.

Ready to transform the way of collections for your lending business

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