Experience the Future of Insurance with STATIM®

An end-to-end modularized solution with multi-platform support that accelerates growth and streamlines insurance lifecycle

Insurance Process Made Easier with STATIM®

STATIM is a cloud-based insurance platform that aids insurers in making informed decisions, speeding the development of new products, improving sales, and streamlining policy issuance, administration, and claims processing. The unique architecture provides seamless integration and collaboration across the entire ecosystem of stakeholders.

This comprehensive business management system unifies all underwriting & claims process management functions as well as business functions like accounting management and reporting. It is broadly classified into - STATIM LI for Life Insurance businesses and STATIM GI for General Insurance businesses, both the solution accelerates growth and streamlines all channels of the insurance life cycle.

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Products Offered Under STATIM®

STATIM® General Insurance

STATIM® - GI, a comprehensive general insurance solution that streamlines and automates insurance operations for companies of all sizes. It simplifies the entire insurance process, allowing business owners to focus on growing business. From underwriting to claims processing and customer service, STATIM® - GI’s intuitive user interface and advanced analytics helps to make informed decisions and improve overall efficiency.


STATIM® Life Insurance

Enter a new era of efficiency with STATIM® - LI, a progressive life insurance solution driven by advanced technology. Designed exclusively for Life Insurance businesses, it optimizes operations for companies, irrespective of sizes, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Built on a flexible platform, STATIM® - LI adapts to unique requirements, providing scalability and tailored excellence for every insurer.


What makes STATIM® Stand Apart?

  • Individual rating and pricing engine component
  • Multiple channels and hierarchies can be configured
  • Comprehensive risk referencing solutions
  • 360-degree integrated solution
  • Transparency across all business processes
  • Fully automated workflow
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Flexible to changing regulatory requirements

Why Should You Integrate STATIM®?

  • Automates insurance processes to save Liability time and reduce errors
  • Enhances customer experience with a simplified application process and real-time policy management
  • Provides comprehensive coverage options for life insurance and general insurance policies
  • Securely stores customer data to protect privacy and meet regulatory requirements
  • Offers customizable solutions to meet unique business needs

Bring in the change to your Insurance business with STATIM®

Enter A New Era of Efficiency with STATIM®

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