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Delivering Design Led Experiences for Greater Retention and Learner Engagement

AXLE is a comprehensive Learning Management System that empowers organizations and training institutions to manage, deliver, and track their training programs effectively.

It is a well-rounded solution developed to accommodate the organizations’ and businesses’s learning and development needs. Our LMS platform is completely customizable, secured, and ready-to-deploy Learning Management System, which is truly designed to be learner-focused. It provides access to a whole range of training from basic to complex, independently assessed course modules.

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Easy to use LMS Platforms to create, manage, deliver and track online courses.


AXLE ™ for Corporates

This end-to-end platform enables businesses to enroll a more significant number of users into their programs and access the designated course of programs with a host of informative videos, manuals, and documents.


AXLE ™ for Institutes

This Learning Platform assists educational and training institutes in delivering and tracking the content, assisting with selling memberships, enrolling learners in courses, setting up class schedules, etc

A Single Platform to Drive Every Learning Experience

Experience the Next Level of Digital Learning with AXLE ™


Retain Customers & Employees


Increase value & productivity


Reduce tangible & Intangible costs


Maintain compliance through training


Fulfil Performance Gaps and Achieve Higher Efficiency with AXLE

Axle Key Points
A Single Unified Platform

Novac’s AXLE creates a unified learning experience that supports hybrid learning.It provides a complete view of available learning content through a single dashboard which streamlines the learning process and improves learning outcomes

Personalized Learning

AXLE is all about personalized learning. Our platform empowers learners to experience personalized learning, choosing the pace, style, and content that suits them best. With adaptive assessments, personalized learning paths, and interactive content, learners can take control of their own learning journey and achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

Guided Learning

AXLE’s learning management system is centered around guided learning. We provide learners with a structured and supported learning experience that includes personalized feedback, expert guidance, and interactive content. Our goal is to help learners achieve success through the power of guided learning, which not only leads to better results, but also fosters motivation and engagement.

Engaged Learning

With AXLE, we believe that engaged learning is the key to success. Our learning management system is designed to provide learners with an interactive and immersive learning experience that fosters motivation, retention, and application of knowledge. With our platform, learners have access to a range of interactive resources such as gamification, social learning, and personalized content that cater to their unique learning styles.

Transform your training program with AXLE LMS.

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