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Transforming Your General Insurance Business with STATIM® - GI

Insurance industry is on a step towards digital transformation as legacy institutions are facing loss of economic growth, fluctuating customer base, and more. With the entry of STATIM®- GI, a cloud-based insurance platform that aids insurers in making informed decisions, speeding the development of new products, improving sales, and streamlining policy issuance, administration, and claims processing. The unique architecture provides seamless integration and collaboration across the entire ecosystem of stakeholders.

With STATIM® GI, insurers can access real-time data and analytics that can be used to improve underwriting, claims management, and risk assessment. Our platform is designed to offer complete transparency and accuracy in data reporting, ensuring that insurers can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.


STATIM® GI is an end-to-end and modularized insurance solution with multi-platform support that helps to accelerate growth and streamline all channels of the insurance lifecycle.


An efficient and expert auto underwriting solution that automates underwriting decisions and facilitates risk triage into Standard, Refer/Decline risk requirements. Product Configurator with inbuilt parameters for quick product and business rules configuration. It provides the ability to centralize, thereby enabling the reuse of calculations and business logic.

Our intuitive interface allows every authorized member of the organization to quickly view, schedule and execute everyday tasks while offering management control and improving accountability for decision-making throughout the organization. Provide robust performance criteria definitions, using the unique KPI engine for defining eligibility, calculations, and payouts.

Enables easy tracking and management of entire insurance claims processing with a flexible business rule and workflow configuration. CMS also provides triggers for generating notifications and comprehensive MIS reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions helps the operational and executive management gain easy and timely access to high-quality, robust information required for decision-making to achieve the organizational goals.

Captures all insurance and general business transactions processed in real-time from all system modules, including up-to-date financial information like P&L Statement, Trial Balance, balance sheet from multiple ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and General Ledger.

mSTATIM for General Insurance - Simplified, Optimized, and Modernized Insurance Process


Here are the Assistances provided by mSTATIM

Our mSTATIM for General Insurance Mobile application helps insurers modernize and transform for the future. It is a state-of-the-art mobility solution that enables users to self-service their policies, update contact information, view policy status, make payments, report new claims, and much more.


Daily Sales

Facilitate sales management team in head office to get an idea of the daily work of branch sales representatives, the number of new customers being met, recording of meetings with prospective customers, and ascertain the type of lead.

Policy Origination
System [POS]

Extension of Quote and Policy generation for both B2B & B2C


An intuitive way to do an electronic pre-inspection process to ease the underwriting decision-making process.


Provides insight into premium calculation even before the generation of product quote/proposal.

Document Management
System [DMS]

Substantiate the risk metrics mentioned in the proposal by uploading the applicable document.


Exclusive module for advocates to view their litigation cases and update the hearing details on the go.


Integrated module to assist surveyors to view assigned cases and record the survey details digitally.


This module helps to know the renewal pending cases and convert such pending renewal proposals directly.


Our mobile solution can be integrated on plug and play basis with multiple payment gateway solutions.


An easy search to find out the nearest insurer branch.


Why should you Integrate Statim GI®

STATIM GI Novac’s general insurance solution offers insurers a range of benefits and features that can help them to improve efficiency, offer comprehensive coverage, make more informed decisions, and provide a better customer experience.

  • Individual rating and pricing engine component
  • Comprehensive risk referencing solutions
  • 360-degree integrated solution
  • Transparency across all business processes
  • Fully automated workflow
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Flexible to changing regulatory requirements
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Segments We Serve

Personal Accident
Shop Keeper
Workmen Compensation
Workmen Compensation
Marine Insurance

Bring in the change to your Insurance business with STATIM®

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