AXLE ™ for Corporates

Simplify Your Workforce Training with AXLE ™, a Comprehensive LMS

A Smarter Way to Train & Upskill Your Workforce

Axle LMS is an up-to-date, completely customizable, secured, and ready-to-deploy Learning Management System, which is truly designed to be learner-focused.

It provides access to a whole range of training from basic to complex, independently assessed course modules.AXLE - LMS for Corporates is designed to be user-friendly, customizable, and scalable to meet unique training needs of the organizations. With AXLE, businesses can manage and deliver engaging training content to improve rentetion level, boost employee performance and drive business growth.

AXLE - LMS for Corporates enables businesses to enroll a more significant number of users into their programs and access the designated course of programs with a host of informative videos, manuals, and documents.


AXLE allows businesses to create and organize training content into easy-to-navigate catalogues that make it simple for employees to access the required content.

Offline and
Blended Learning

With Novac’s AXLE business owners are provided with flexible training options that enables employees to learn at their own pace and time.


Businesses can manage all aspects of training programs, from course creation to enrolment, tracking, and reporting, in one place.


AXLE allows business owners to assess employee knowledge and track their progress with customizable assessments, quizzes, and exams.


Engage and motivate learners with game-like features such as points, badges, leaderboards, and rewards.

Path Management

Create custom learning paths that align with your business goals and employee skill sets. leaderboards, and rewards.


Enable secure Single Sign-On (SSO) access for employees, reducing the need for multiple login credentials.

Mobile App

AXLE allows employees to access training content anytime, anywhere, with our mobile app that’s available for iOS and Android.


Why You Should Integrate AXLE - LMS for Corporates


AXLE is built to grow with business, enabling business owners to add users, courses, and content.

With offline and blended learning options, employees can learn in a way that suits them best, increasing engagement, focus and retention level.

Novac’s AXLE LMS saves time and resources by managing all aspects of training in one centralized platform.

Creates personalized learning paths and training programs that align with business objectives and employee needs.

AXLE keeps learners motivated and engaged with gamification features that make learning fun.

AXLE’s mobile app and SSO integration make it easy for employees to access training program from anywhere at anytime.

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