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Ziva’s loan servicing module can manage any type of loan with unmatched flexibility that will help your lending business to streamline and complete the lifecycle for managing large portfolios, schedule payment reminders to your borrowers, automated emailing of borrower’s bills, statements, and notices.

It offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for financial institution staff to navigate and manage loan servicing tasks efficiently.


Key features of Ziva’s Loan Servicing System Module

Ziva’s Loan Servicing System Module is highly configurable, allowing financial institutions to customize it to meet their specific needs. It also integrates seamlessly with other systems and applications, such as core banking systems, payment processors, and credit reporting agencies.

Application Processing

Our module enables financial institutions to easily create and manage loan applications, including collecting all necessary documentation and verifying borrower information.

Payment Processing

Our module automates payment processing, including payment application, delinquency tracking, and late fee calculation. This allows financial institutions to process payments accurately and on time, reducing the risk of errors and late fees.


Our module provides robust accounting features, including general ledger entries, loan-level accounting, and audit trails. This allows financial institutions to manage their loan portfolios with ease, ensuring accurate and compliant financial reporting.


Our module offers a wide range of reports that financial institutions can use to monitor loan portfolios, track loan performance, and make informed business decisions.


Our module provides tools for collections management, including collections worklists, collections reporting, and collections forecasting. This helps financial institutions manage delinquent loans effectively and improve recovery rates.

  • Configurability
  • Compliance-met system
  • Automatic Escrow Analysis
  • Adjustable Rate Loan Management
  • Adjustable Payment Processing

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