Product Management

Launch your New Product Faster through Ziva’s Product Management System

Despite the technological development of the financial and lending sector, businesses are coming up short when it comes to a new loan product launch.

From platform incompatibility to human errors to disparate digital solutions, the launch of new products interferes with business growth. Ziva’s Product Management module is designed to provide financial institutions with the tools and resources necessary to manage their products and services successfully. From launching a new product, updating an existing one, or optimizing the current product, the lender can do it through the module.


Facets of Ziva’s Product Management Module?

Configurations of Products

Lending organizations can configure the loan products to meet the requirements of customers for a myriad of loans such as vehicles, housing, etc


With the module’s settings in place, lenders can change the tenure of the loan for any customer with ease.

Rate of Interest

Lenders can adjust the Rate of Interest for any number of loan products customized for the individual borrower

Processing Fee

With this feature, lenders can adjust the processing fee for the loan application, fore-closure, pre-closure, and part pre-payment, as well


Critical Benefits of Product Management Module

Ziva’s comprehensive product management module, we also offer training and support to help your team get the most out of our tools and resources.

Develop a Product

Our module will help you define your product vision, identify your target market, and set measurable goals to achieve your objectives.

Conduct Market

We provide access to a range of market research tools to help you gather valuable insights into your target audience, competitors, and industry trends.

Create Product

Our module allows you to visualize and communicate your product development plans to internal stakeholders and external partners.

Manage Product

Our product backlog management tool enables you to prioritize tasks, track progress, and ensure your product development stays on track.

Implement Agile Product

Our module provides the framework and tools necessary to implement agile product development methodologies, enabling you to quickly iterate and adapt to changing market conditions.

Monitor Product

With our module, you can track the performance of your products and services, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

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